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 Q: What payment options are available for me or my family members?

A: We will file insurance as provided to us by the patients, parent, guardian, or healthcare facility. Once insurance has settled, we will invoice the responsible party for any balance due. If no insurance information is provided, we will invoice the responsible party directly. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. To pay your bill online, click the HERE.

Q: Can I reach Amerimed EMS by calling 911?

Q: What is the difference between and Amerimed EMS ambulance and crew from the ambulance that came when I called 911?

A: Nothing. Every ambulance is required to have the same equipment in order to be licensed in their respective state. Additionally, all Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians are required to complete the same training curriculum to work on an ambulance. The only difference is the manner in which we are activated to respond to requests and slight variances in the focus of our services.

Q: Will I receive a bill for having an Amerimed EMS ambulance transport me or my family member?

A: Yes; however, the cost of the transport may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance if you have ambulance coverage under such programs. We typically bill these programs for our patients given the reason for ambulance transport was medically necessary. Many services are covered by medical insurance programs. We make every attempt to determine if an ambulance is the most appropriate means of transportation for our patients.

A: Anytime you experience a medical emergency it is best to call 911 to get the closest available ambulance serving the area where you are located. 911 will select the appropriate provider for an emergency situation.